Tulia Brennan Hilgendorf
and Petra Helen Hilgendorf
are sisters.

The Hilgendorf girls.
“Those Hilgendorf girls!” people will say.
“Look out, here come those Hilgendorf girls!”

Petra has been making plans.
Now that Tulia has been born,
those Hilgendorf girls will be seen together
in the park,
in the library,
at yoga class,
at soccer practice,
at ballet,
in high school and in college.

The nicest thing that you can give your child
is a sibling.
They will be friends for life!





There’s a new person in the world.
She arrived by car.
Tulia couldn’t wait
until her daddy pulled into the parking lot
and her mommy was resting uncomfortably
in a hospital bed.

No, Tulia couldn’t wait.
She pushed and Mommy pushed,
and on the third push Tulia showed her head,
and on the fourth push held her arms up high
so Mommy could scoop her up.
Daddy tilted the mirror
so that Big Sister Petra,
calm in her carseat,
could see,
then drove around to the emergency entrance.

For the last few days,
through the uterine wall,
Tulia had been hearing Petra say,
“I can’t wait until my baby sister’s here!”
Tulia decided
she couldn’t wait either.