Can you remember before universe and earth,
before where and when?

Playing at God’s feet before it all began?

Remember. Try to re-member all our pieces.

Remember. Re-collect wisdom strewn through the centuries,
like bread crumbs on the path to home.

Remember, where we are going
is where we have been.



I always hoped for them
the joy of children
without the pain of childbirth.

I want them to have babies
without earaches,
without tummyaches and tantrums,
and any other kind of crying.

My mothering daughters
could use some more sleep.
But that’s because
they work hard and play hard.

They are enchanted with life.
For them, life is a toy store
full of shiny things
to see and do.

I am so glad
that they were wise enough
to marry strong,
soft-spoken, fathering men.

I want their children to love them
as much as mine love me.