Why does evil always win?
Because the good enough move on,
the bad are recycled.

You and I, we’ve come to Kindergarten Earth again,
to play our silly games
until we’re tired of them.

“God likes my religion best.”
“My country can beat up your country.”
“He who dies with the most toys wins.”

Stragglers, you and I,
we’re holding up the progress of the universe.



Urn. Casket. Urn.
One by one my friends leave their remains
in cemeteries and a living room
and head out to the Other Side.

I plan to stay here for awhile.
I still like this body.
I still like this material world.

But matter doesn’t matter.
The Gnostics, who co-authored Christianity,
are very clear.
The things of spirit matter more.
That’s okay, isn’t it?

The Gnostics say that
matter is the opposite pole of purest soul,
but we need that pole.

Matter does matter
when you find yourself in the earth plane
with a baby mouth that has to learn how
to suck a breast.

Matter does matter
when everything you see depends on
what goes on in a material eye.

The Gnostics say
matter is part of a grander scheme of things,
where we souls all dropped out of our Source
so we could learn to love and play
before we all go back.

When, like a snake, I shed this skin,
I will give it a gentle, grateful goodbye.


In 2010 AD a prophet Micah proclaimed to me,
“Jesus is God for Dummies.”
That’s the Incarnation in a nutshell.

Our young people know these things.
We don’t have to tell them.

Our young people will be the elders at the End of Days.
That’s why they’re here, with their old eyes.

In the fullness of time,
as destinies play out,
we should be glad to find out
the Other Side has been stacking the deck.

We call them ADHD and autistic.
They are multi-taskers and focused solitaries,
and they are establishing a new normal.

They have it in their power to re-imagine Earth.