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Solarius saw a call to protect.
When your girlfriend says, “Let’s go downstairs
with this poor girl.  Dani needs back-up.
You and your brother can just stand out in the hall.”

Dani saw that she was losing Tim,
the man she’d recently wrapped her life around.
She couldn’t stay on as roommate and watch
when he brought home another girl.
Not without a fight.
So she went upstairs and said, “I’m scared.
I need help so I can go in there and get my clothes.”

Tim saw intruders, attackers,
like black shadows in doorways in Baghdad.
Baghdad had taught him the importance of vigilance
and of always having a gun nearby.

This situation seemed to need a gun,
and five warning shots
ricocheting in a narrow hallway.

The brothers ran, both hit.
Solarius slumped on the front lawn.
His big brother, nursing a wounded arm,
knelt on the grass and
watched him die.

Solarius saw Jesus.






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