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July 4th, 10 pm,
I see the note on the refrigerator.
“i dont like goodbyes”

He has been leaving
since he was four,
when he would climb the TV tower
almost to the roof,
when he devoured the very first
pictures of Mars, all red and pink,
and we both decided to be astronauts
when we grew up.

Now my son puts feet to earth
ten miles a day, hitchhiker, stepping in
and out of other people’s lives.

He has been leaving
since before his birth.
That last month he’d hook toes up
under my bottom rib and stretch
full length–he wanted out!
But then he stayed,
two full weeks past due date.

He stays here, too.
His drawings line the basement
where siblings, neighbors and his Legos
built a town,
his voice comes home every Saturday,
excited as a four-year-old.


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