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WEDDING PICTURE ( May 24, 1944)

wears her future in her eyes,
white china smile:
home heavy with children,
nights weighing on a screen door slam,
a man to whisper with
cold supper.

And his boy eyes
defy unfinished dreams.
The sorghum press clawed that hand
when manhood came
instead of adolescence.
He started to give evenings
to a shiny truck.

It was a great idea:
load the farmers’ grain
right out of the fields,
and give them better prices
than anyone else.
When one night he didn’t come home,
Agent Lang told us
if the Mafia killed him
we would never know.
Or maybe he sensed trouble
and escaped to Mexico.

We sons and daughters
have spent our whole lives asking:
who knows Tony Metzger’s recent face?


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